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The grants were available to assist with the repair and restoration of key historic buildings in the centre of Dalkeith ...

What Grants were available?

All the building grants have now been awarded and they were for:

Building Repairs

  • Including the structural and external repair of the fabric.

Restoring architectural details

  • Such as the reinstatement of traditional features, for example ornamental masonry, cornicing and other applied finishes and details.
  • Restoring joinery to historic patterns, and ornamental metalwork such as balconies, canopies and finials.
  • Reinstatement of traditional shopfronts.

Bringing vacant floor space back into useCross-Keys-Hotel-pen--ink

  • Grants to bring vacant floorspace back into use included bringing the building back into good repair.

All work has been  carried out to respect  the character and structure of the building. For guidance please contact the THI & CARS Project Manager.

The cost of eligible work included fees when professional advice was used and VAT where it could not  be reclaimed. The maximum grant that was awarded was  up to 75% of the eligible cost of the work, the grant rate varied up to this maximum depending on the nature of the work.

Enhancing the Public Realm.

This grant was for the enhancement of the High Street and Closes , repaving in natural yorkstone and granite setts, with whinstone kerbing. 

What work was eligible?

Grants were available to owners of eligible buildings, including the priority buildings identified on the attached plan. However, it should be noted that all grants were discretionary and subject to the availability of funds. The inclusion of a building within the scheme did not give any automatic right to a grant. The priority projects and  buildings were encouraged to be brought forward early in the scheme.

Get more information on what work was eligible in our Specification for Eligible Works.

Who were eligible?

Owners/tenants of buildings identified on the plan below were eligible for grant aid depending on the priority rating.

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The following Priority Projects have been completed:

  • 1-3 Musselburgh Road. This was a vacant and derelict listed building at risk, it was successfully restored and brought back to residential use.See attached leaflet that describes the scheme.
  • The Tolbooth. One of Dalkeith's most important historic buildings, listed grade A.The stonework on the front elevation was in a poor state of repair. The repair and restoration scheme has now been successfully completed. See attached leaflet describing the work.
  • The former Cross Keys Hotel.This was also a vacant listed building at risk.The building has been successfully repaired and restored, bringing the property back to use with retail on the ground floor and residential above .See attached leaflet that describes the scheme.
  • 1-3 High Street .(three properties).These are important listed buildings at the junction of the High Street with the Old Edinburgh Road in a poor state of repair. Repairs have been carried out to the stonework, replacing stone to match where required, roof repairs and the reinstatement of stone gable chimney, window repairs , lime harling to the rear and side elevations and improvements to the shopfronts.See attached leaflet that describes the scheme.

The following Priority Buildings have been completed:

  • 75,77,79-81 High Street .(4 properties)Listed tenement buildings in poor repair. Work included repairs to stonework with new stone where required,repointing in lime mortar,extensive roof and chimney repairs, lime harling and lime colour wash, refurbishment of orginal timber sash and case windows and new timber sash and case windows to match where required, repairs and replacement cast iron rain water goods and restoration of the orginal shopfront at 81.
  • 87-89 High Street.   (2properties) Listed tenement buildings in poor repair, the work included the same as above including a new shopfront at 89.
  • 104-106,108-110,110a-114 High Street.(4 Properties).Listed tenement buildings in poor repair . The grant awarded was for the same work as above including a new shopfront at 106.
  • 41 High Street. Listed building in poor repair . The grant work included the replacement of the windows with new timber sash and case to match the orginal , repainting of the front elevation and a new double shopfront with repairs to the rainwater goods and rebuilding a stone boundary wall at the rear.
  • 69-71 High Street (WHSmith). Orginally a tenement building .listed, now occupied by WHSmith. The work has included the repair and replacement of stonework on the front elevation,overhaul of rainwater goods, rebuilding the lost gable chimney, refurbishment of all the orginal sash and case windows, structural repair work and restoration of the shopfront , see attached leaflet for details.
  • 15-17 High Street .(3 properties).Listed buildings in poor repair with retail on the ground floor and flats above. The work included the repair and restoration of the distinctive circular stone stair turret at the rear , stonework repair and replacement generally,repointing in lime mortar, window refurbishment,roof repairs and shopfront improvements.
  • 21-27 High Street (4 properties).Tenement buildings in poor repair, work similar to the  above but with the rebuilding of the lost central chimney on the front elevation.
  • 132-134 High Street (3 properties ), Tenement buildings in poor repair, Work included extensive roof repair, window refurbishment, stone repair and replacement where required, repointing in lime mortar.
  • 4 and 8 High Street shopfronts . Two shopfronts that have been improved with new timber  doors, windows and new fascias with new signage ,more in keeping with the character of the building .

30 Properties grant aided in all                                           The Tolbooth.


    The former Cross Keys Hotel                                           img266


img146                                         img268      69-71 High St       


1-3 Musselburgh Road


1-3 High Street            img291