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One of the key aims of the Dalkeith THI and CARS is to engage with the local community and to promote an awareness and understanding of Dalkeith’s unique heritage ...

The Dalkeith Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) and Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (CARS) has awarded grants to the following buildings in the High Street: 75,77,79-81, 87-89 and 41.

All these properties are priority buildings in the scheme.

Nos 75,77,79-81 High Street involve 8 owners who have come together to share the costs of repairing and restoring their buildings. These are 3 storey stone tenement buildings with shops on the ground floor and flats above. They are located in a prominent position in the High Street opposite the junction with South Street. The repair and restoration work involves roof repairs, repair and replacement of stone work, refurbishment of the shop at 81, new windows and the restoration of existing historic windows, new rainwater goods and chimney and associated leadwork repair.  No 77 has a rendered front which will be repaired and repainted. The building contractor is G .Griggs and Sons from Musselburgh and work starts the week of 10th October for a 26 week contract, finishing at the end of April 2012.

Nos 87-89 High Street is a 3 storey stone, mid terrace building with shop on the ground floor with a flat above. This property is further along from 75-81 on the same side of the street.  The 2 owners here and the shop tenant have got together to repair and restore the character of the property. The work comprises, new roof, new windows on the front elevation, repairs to the stonework, new rainwater goods and a new shopfront designed to be more in keeping with the character of the building.

No 41 is a 3 storey double fronted building, on the same side of the street as 75-81 but further south. The building has a large shopfront on the ground floor with office and flat above. The work involves the repair and repainting of the front rendered elevation, new windows, repairs to rear walls and a new shopfront designed to be more in keeping with the historic character of the building.

The work to all these properties will be carried out using materials and techniques that will restore the character of the buildings.  Where new stonework is proposed this will be carefully selected to match the orginal as will the roofing slate. Lime mortar will be used to repoint and repair stonework and lead will be used in roof and gutter repair. The new shopfronts will make a significant improvement to the appearance of the buildings and will enhance their historic character. The Dalkeith Shopfront Design Guide launched earlier in the year has influenced the design of the new shopfronts and the refurbishment of the original shopfront at 81 High Street.

An important part of the Dalkeith THI/CARS is training and education and the contractors involved in these projects will be encouraged to participate in the training programme. There is the opportunity to involve trainees in the repair and restoration of rear boundary walls along the rear of properties along this side of the street.

The work will compliment the recently completed High Street enhancement and improvements to the Vennels

75,77,79-81 High Street.                87-89 High Street              41 High Street                                        Work Starts


P1010358                 P1010097                P1010361                         P1010449

The first and second set of training courses arranged for Midlothian Training Services (MTS), building professionals and contractors held at Telford College in Edinburgh have now taken place and they were a great success. The second phase of courses took place over Sept, Oct and Nov.

A presentation ceremony was held in Midlothian Council Chamber on the 1st December where the trainees received their certificates from Colin Tennant, Head of Skills and Materials at Historic Scotland and John Laing, Head of Development (construction) at Telford College in Edinburgh. Councillor Russell Imrie, Council Member for Strategic Services at Midlothian Council officially presided over the event and was very pleased to see young people taking the opportunity to gain training in historic building repair and restoration techniques. 

A number of home owners seminars were also held in Oct, aimed at helping the owners of historic buildings understand and appreciate the need for regular repair of historic buildings using the appropriate materials and techniques. (See home owners guide as a PDF download)

The next set of free training course and seminars will be held in the spring and early autumn next year. (See training courses booklet as a PDF download)

Telford College have prepared a special heritage training centre  at their campus  with specially constructed walls where the trainees can practise their skills in relation to traditional stone walling, repair and conservation work using traditional mortar mixes with lime.  Traditional render and harling application techniques will be on the programme together with the relevant health and safety training.   

Some photos of the presentation ceremony:

Presentation_photo_Dec11        IMG_1798      IMG_1801     IMG_1815                                            





The Midlothian Advertiser teamed up with the THI/CARS project and launched a shopfront competition in the paper back in the summer. Readers were asked to nominate their best kept shopfront in the town centre.A number of nominations were received and judging took place at the beginning of June. The results were then published in the paper on the 23rd June 2011, see attached article

To celebrate the results a presentation ceremony was held in Midlothian Council Chamber on 1st Dec 2011 as part of the training plan presentations. Councillor Russell Imrie ( Midlothian Council Member for Strategic Services) presided over the event and certificates were presented to the following shops by Jo Robinson Editor of the Advertiser:

Overall winner: Flowers by Lamb in Eskdaill Court.




Runners up, "With Love "and "Cancer Research" in the High Street.

Nominations:"The Cheque Centre", M&Co", "Oxfam", in the High Street and

Hononary mentions by the judges, "The Parliamentary Advice Centre", "William Purves funeral Directors ", "Eskbank Flowers" and "Michelle Mowat hair dressers"




 The environmental enhancement scheme to improve Dalkeith High Street is now complete apart from some remedial work . This has made a significant difference both to the appearance of the street and the extra space for pedestrian comfort has resulted in a  safer and more pleasant place for shoppers and visitors to the town.



Before and after photos of the High Street showing the new pedestrian crossing area and widened pavement areas in yorkstone.


The works to improve the Closes running from the High Street to the main car park at the rear are also complete and this has  made a tremendous difference to this part of the town with the new paving, lighting and decoration to flank walls along the Closes .

Before and After photos of Millers and Wilsons Close.


P1000614         P1010410                   P1000406     P1010412



A grant has now been awarded for the repair and restoration of 1-3 Musselburgh Road and  work started on the 18th July, due to be complete by March next year.

27th March - 2nd April

The launch on the 29th went very well at Midlothian Council's Chamber. 40 people attended and many were traders in the High Street. The presentations were well received and there was general support for the principles in the guide.

88 people visited the exhibitions in Dalkeith library over the course of the week and a number of issues and questions were raised.

News Letter No. 2


The latest newsletter is now available.  This gives an update on the shop front design guide launch, the training plan and some priority projects and buildings.


Download Here

As a result of the work carried out by the “ back to work group” a Heritage trail Group has been set up to take the project forward.

The group has been meeting now for over a year and has developed a number of ideas about the heritage trail which are set out in the recent THI/CARS newsletter.A new town trail leaflet will be produced this year with the trail marked on and the Midlothian Artist in residence Susan Grant will be producing designs for building plaques which will be tied in with the leaflet giving information about the interesting buildings in the town centre.Susan is asking for local stories, experiences about the town centre and a website has been set up to collect these, please visit the

The three local primary schools are involved in the project , St David's, Woodburn and Kings Park. They will be looking to produce leaflets for the town centre, Ironmills Park and the Dalkeith Country Park specially for young people.

Ideas so far discussed are new leaflets, plaques and panels in key locations to describe buildings/places of interest,environmental improvements,IT applications, access for vistors to key buildings,programme of guided walks. We are keen to hear your ideas so please get in touch via this website or Susan's site mentioned above.

Some ideas....leaflets,interpretation,mobile phone applications.......




img194       img195 img196   img193    img197       


Sketch plan of heritage trail and birds eye view of the town:




proposed heritage trail planbirds eye view of the town